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Remediate and Recommend

Make sure the website is properly tuned #

Your website is the hub of your marketing activity. With that in mind we want to make sure that everything is running smoothly before we start driving more traffic, and pushing for more results. Without a strong foundation to build on, we can be assured that the website won’t be getting in the way of our desired outcomes. Not all tasks are created equal, though, so we use the value/effort matrix to decide what we’re doing to focus on. The first round of fixes will be what we determint to be the highest value, lowest effort items. These are typically technical things like site speed, image optimization, and server scalability. We’ll also make sure the keyword placement and meta descriptions are set up properly. Finally, we’ll insure that tracking is properly set up on the site so we can get accurate attributions for our marketing efforts.

Map out the digital marketing campaign #

While developers are hard at work on resolving the issues uncovere in phase 1, the strategy foir the next phase can begin. Here we assess the goals that were uncovered in the first phase and look for the low-hanging fruit, or high value oppornities. We’ll put together the hypothesis, outline the elements of the experiment, how we’ll track it and how we’ll report our results as we go.