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Evaluate and Organize

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Establish a baseline

In order to make an informed decisions, we need to know what we're working with. After a thorough audit, we'll know what needs to be fixed, and in what order. We'll also know where we can start measuring from.


Technical SEO




Keyword Rank

Dive Deeper

Your website’s multi-point inspection #

If your website is your marketing engine, these are the diagnostics that we need to run before we’re off to the races.
Technical Content and Design Business Goals Audience Research
Technical SEO Image quality Define Website Goals Interview Sales team
Speed and Scalability Copy quality (voice, tone) Understand how website goals relate to business goals Interview clients
Security and Privacy Design Consistency Competitor research User testing with look-a-like audiences
Accessibility Keyword Research Map user Journeys
Local SEO Messaging Create User Personas

Questions people ask sometimes #

Technical SEO is the process of setting up your website in a way that communicates clearly the purpose of your website to search engines. The majority of technical SEO is behind the scenes, and may not directly impact the user experience, but it makes a huge difference to the bots that crawl the site and try to understand the content on your site, and how to best match it to the request that users type into the search bar. There are some elements like page speed optimization that will make both the humans and the bots happier, but other elements like schema markup, and proper heading structure on the site will be invisible to the user.
There are some tools that we use to test the security of the site, we have trusted hosting partners that we have vetted and already know thier commitment to security, and if it's a WordPress site, we look at simple things like plugin updates, and make sure that there are no vulnerable plugins installed.
If you are a local service or brick and mortar business you will benifit from a lot of local SEO efforts. If you are a SaaS company or national/international company that does not have specific locations or a specific local presence, we will still want to list you in location specific directories, but won't go much beyond that. Having links from Google Business Profile, and Bing Places are valuable back links to your site, and you will retain some domain authority just by having links to your site from those authoritative sites.

Setting up your dashboard #

An important part of this foundational step is setting up a dashboard that will provide real-time insights into the health of your site. The baseline that we establish will be listed on the dashboard so you can always see how we’re doing relative to where we started.