Habits make the person. The older I get the more I see that the things that we do on a consistent basis, and especially when no one is looking are the things that define us. I would love to be more gradiose and build a philosophy around our intrensic value based solely on our existence, but we can not separate that from what we do.

James Clear’s personal reckoning with this issue, and the challenge that he overcame to accomplish so much (just writing and publishing a book is a big enough accomplishment!), is a great foundation for everything else he brings to the discusssion. He does a great job of breaking down what a habit is, how to form and keep one, but he dives deeper beyond the behavior change.

Behavior change is temporary. Lasting change comes from implementing the systems into our everyday lives, but the true and deepest change comes at the identity level. If you want to change for good, you have to change how you think about yourself. This is where the book goes beyond the surface and gets to the heart of the matter.