Product Reviews are Important!

Product Reviews provide social proof for your potential purchasers and give your product owners the chance to praise or vent about your product. This gives you as the site owner the opportunity to learn about what works with your product, resolve any issues that people are having, and get real feedback.

Enable, Disable or Require Verified Users

The best reviews come from folks who’ve purchased the product. You’re opening yourself up to spam and meaningless reviews if they haven’t actually purchased the product. You can require this if the only place a person can get your product is from your website, but if there are other places to purchase them, you might think twice before making it required.

You can manage all of this in WooCommerce by going to Woocommerce>Settings and clicking the Products tab. The bottom of that page should look something like this (this is version 6.8.2).

Screenshot of the Woocommerce Review Settings

Indicating a Verified Owner

In our case we needed to change the specific text to Verified Buyer.

In order to do so, here’s the code snippet that we used.

function change_text( $translated_text ) {
    if ( 'verified owner' === $translated_text ) {
        $translated_text = 'verified buyer';
    return $translated_text;
add_filter( 'gettext', 'change_text', 20 );

We used “verified buyer”, but other common phrases that we’ve seen include “verified purchase” (Amazon, Best Buy), “verified purchaser” (Walmart) or whatever else suites your product and brand voice.