• What is SEO

    Search Engine Optimization is the act of making every element of your website align with what search engines are looking for. Search engine algorithms assign authority to certain domains and pages based on their search relevancy. This is determined by the keywords found in the content and the structure of the page. Google will also know the time that users spend on the page and the search terms that got them there. That is an indicator that the page had what the user is looking for. Doing good SEO work requires knowing what the search engines are looking for, but you also need to be giving users genuinely meaningful content. As google’s search algorithm improves it becomes more in line with what real users are looking for. What this really means is that content creators should prioritize writing for human readers, and add the technical elements that help the algorithms act more like humans. Maybe someday we’ll stop worrying about SEO at all, and just write for readers.

  • What is SEM

    Search Engine Marketing utilizes the search engines and the search terms but instead of earning the search results by having great content on the page and ranking organically, you can purchase the results of keyword searches, and put your content at the top of the search results page. Google also has a network of display ads that show up on other websites that publish Googles ads which allows you to see targeted ads on many sites in the ad network.

  • What is Content Marketing?

    Content marketing is the act of promoting content that you curate or create. Content can be anything from videos, blogs and podcasts to online courses. There are many strategies for the different content types.